Era of Modern Marketing

By- Umer Khalid

Internet has changed the way people work, shop, research & interact. Most Companies these days wish to have their own websites & social media pages to reach maximum potential customers. A business card doesn’t considered presentable if you don’t have an email ID and website URL on it. To satisfy the reason to be on search engines is quite obvious as there are millions of websites out there showcasing their products/services and focusing to reach more and more users applying different queries. This is how the idea of creating “Google – one of the most commonly used search engine with market share over 60%” came into the mind of its creators Sergey Brin & Larry Page when they had to search from huge data for a project during their PHD program. With major share among the most renowned search engines like Google, Yahoo & MSN, there are more than 400 million searches are being done daily on world wide web. Keeping that huge figure in mind almost every other company tries to come up in search engine rankings for all the relevant queries related to their business. The more they show up in search results, the maximum are the chances that people will click on their listings and will eventually perform the desired action they want from them i.e. buying a product or fill their form to contact them back.
Search engines are supposed to be the entry point for most of the online businesses exist in today’s world. Statistics show that people from all walks of life use search engines quite frequently to find whatever they want which eventually enables all online businesses to compete for those “search queries” in order to reach those people. By building a strong existence on search engines, any web business can live the dream of “earn while you sleep” very effectively. Your website is up and running where people can come and browse 24/7.
Once the online companies realize the importance of search rankings and the amount of huge business they can get through search engines, they then try to have professional internet marketers work with them. Those people understand & analyze the business first and then create an appropriate plan to target the business on search engines in order to get best possible exposure for the website. On many occasions, companies target both natural search listings as well as paid marketing (PPC) especially on Google.

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