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How to set Icon for application .exe file

We have to follow the simple steps when changing an application’s exe file icon.

  • Go to Solution Explorer
  • Right Click on the Primary Project
  • Go to Properties
  • Go to Application tab
  • In Resources groupbox select the desired icon
This will set the application icon for you.
But if you create a setup of your project and there’s a shortcut of your primary .exe file on user’s desktop, you will find that the icon of that is not changed. For that you have to do the following steps.
  • Go to setup project in Solution Explorer
  • Open File System Editor
  • Go to your User’s Desktop folder
  • Select the shortcut of the primary .exe file (if you didn’t find any file here, then you have to create a shortcut of primary .exe file and put it here)
  • Go to properties of this shortcut
  • Select the desired icon for your application.
Now compile and install the application you will find the changed icon of your shortcut file too